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The Minnesota Training Center is a USA Wrestling regional training site for elite athletes training full-time to win gold medals in the Olympic Games and World Championships. We represent the Minnesota Storm in national and international competition.

Since the 1948 London Olympics, our athletes have represented us in countries around the world, winning hundreds of international medals.

We are proud of the rich history of wresting in Minnesota and the outstanding achievements that many before us have accomplished. Our mission is to continue their legacy through a commitment to athletic, personal, and community excellence.

Participation in the sport of wrestling at the instills qualities in people that can change lives. Our goal is to provide qualified wrestlers from around the globe the opportunity to compete at the world’s biggest stages, chase their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

We train with an intensity that the goal of winning an Olympic gold medal demands. Committing to a full time training schedule, we push when our lungs are screaming, and dig deeper when our muscles burn. We demand more, set the bar higher, and keep believing.

Our athletes are postponing full-time careers in order to pursue a window of opportunity to reach wrestling’s highest level. We encourage fans to peruse the full bios on our roster page.

Our training is overseen by a world-class coaching staff. Our primary training locations are the University of Minnesota Wrestling facility, the Alan and Gloria Rice wrestling facility on the campus of Augsburg University, and Pinnacle Wrestling School.

We are honored to represent our sponsors and our fans in competition and appreciate your support. Please join us on our journey to the top of the podium in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris!

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