Verne Gagne

Minnesota's First Olympic Team Member

Alan Rice

Olympian and Olympic Team Coach

David Hazewinkel

2-Time Olympian, World Silver & Bronze Medalist

James Hazewinkel

2-Time Olympian, 5-Time World Team

Brad Rheingans

Olympian, World Bronze Medalist

Dan Chandler

3-time Olympian, Olympic Team Coach

Tom Press

World Team Member

Jim Martinez

Olympic and World Bronze Medalist

Michial Foy

Olympian, World Silver Medalist

Brandon Paulson

Olympic and World Silver Medalist

Garrett Lowney

Olympic Bronze Medalist

Brandon Eggum

World Silver Medalist

Jake Clark

World Team Member

Jake Dietchler

Olympian (youngest in U.S. history)

Andy Bisek

Olympian and 2x World Bronze Medalist

Joe Rau

World Team Member, Olympian

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