Name: Orlando Leonel Ponce

Early Life: Orlando Leonel Ponce spent most of his life in Hialeah, Florida, where he graduated
from Hialeah Miami-Lake Senior High School, before attending Augsburg University where he
studied physical education.

Professional Career: While at Augsburg, Ponce was on the 2010 NCAA Championship team,
and later returned as an assistant coach and was named to the 2015 NCAA Championship
team as a coach. In 2012, Ponce was recognized for his academic excellence and named to the
Academic National Championship team.

Outside of wrestling: Ponce serves as the Director of Operations at Ponce Trained Wrestling
(PTW) in Onamia, Minnesota. PTW is actively involved locally and nationally in growing the
sport of wrestling through camps, training, and community/family events.

Ponce enjoys spending time with his wife Tina, his four kids Victor, Ezekiel, Belle, and Samson,
and his mother Sara. Ponce enjoys reading and studying topics of faith, history, and

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